Boxing day at the Rice’s

Yesterday Martha told me she was a firm believer in Boxing Day. She said, “Look it’s even on the calendar in the UK, Canada, and New Zealand. It’s where you take down all your decorations and box them up.” Well, I had my doubts. I didn’t know what Boxing day was, but I was sure it wasn’t that. I mean, wouldn’t you call it dedecoration day or something? Or why would you name it a holiday at all? Does anyone take pictures or video of throwing their tree in the yard? Who’d want to remember that? So anyway, I looked it up and Boxing Day doesn’t refer to putting your decorations back in boxes. I told her, and I shattered a Rice holiday tradition. Sorry Martha.



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3 responses to “Boxing day at the Rice’s

  1. Andrew

    Hi there,
    Boxing Day is so called because a long time ago, a box was placed at the rear of the Church and people would place money into it for the poor. Box Day becomes Boxing Day.

  2. I’ve also read that it was a clay box put in factories for workers. At the end of the year they broke it and distributed it as extra income.

  3. hi Chris –

    I wouldn’t have thought of any of those as the reasons for boxing day. but oh well.

    tell Martha hi for me.

    – D. K. Surbaugh

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