back to work. . . finally!

It feels good to be back sitting in my usual pleather chair here at the office. Over the holiday I got further into Guy Clark‘s songwriting. Who says music can’t function as literature? After much deliberation I picked up DBW I, Sanctorum Communio. Over the years I’ve reasoned that I really didn’t have to own it because I knew right where it was at the library downtown in the Dewey Decimal section. But slowly I realized it was one I really had to own. So I found a nice copy for under thirty dollars on My other nice acquisition was the revised edition of For the Life of the World by Alexander Schmemann. I bought one copy on Alibris and learned that it was not the edition advertised. It was the first edition, which was like half the size. So I got my money refunded and then passed it along to Michael as a gift and then bought the revised version for myself. Michael gave me Bonhoeffer’s Creation and Fall and Temptation, the Touchstone edition for Christmas.

My ten year old playground self accuses me that I’ve become a boring old person. A Facebook quiz confirmed it. I scored 76 years of age with a photo of an elderly blind african american woman. Well I’d rather be that than one of these kids who “polar bear swims” in Lake Michigan. Sheeeez. It takes all kinds here at JPUSA.

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