new least favorite election word: “change”

I promised myself I would watch the least amount of electioneering possible this year. But, feeling a bit ill, I turned on the Facebook/ABC debates the other night. I watched the Republican exchange nearly all the way through, saw the love-fest between Dems and Repubs between sets making sucking kissy noises and coos, enjoying a good laugh with myself, and then turned it off. I can’t help thinking this is the most content-less election cycle that I ever remember. In a time when the world is aching for real dialog about things like health care, the planet, the economy, and the nature of the War now, the new buzzword everyone likes is “change.” Frankly I feel less trust for anyone who can’t talk in specifics about what’s wrong NOW before they want to change it.



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3 responses to “new least favorite election word: “change”

  1. Candidate of Change is the new package for the reform candidate. Reform candidates have been around since politics was invented.
    AS Junior O’Daniels said to his daddy the Governor who was losing his reelection bid to the candidate of the “little man”, Homer Stokes in “O Brother Where Art Thou”: Daddy we gotta get us some of that there reform!

  2. Good point. It never ceases to amaze me that, no matter how bad things get, we Americans have this blind optimism that things will get better because we have the right to vote. We think the system works, so if we just work it results will come. But somehow we never really talk beyond the sound bites. I know I sound like an anarchist every time I say it, but the office of President has been broken now for a long time. Until a President is ready to lead with an example of contrition instead of power there really is no hope for change.

  3. It is not just the POTUS seat that has broken. It has been that both the executive and legislative branches of our government have broken down with corruption. They feed upon each other. Congress needs to be cleaned up and the old timer corruption need to go also.

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