What we “get” for our vote for President

I’m thinking about what it is we really “get” with our vote for President. The other day I saw Obama telling a crowd, “This really isn’t about me. This is about you.” That really sounds wonderful. But it makes me wonder, what do we really get in this electoral process. Do we get to tell the President what to do? Do we get to set a new agenda? Do we get to change what the office of President is? Will this new President have a sense of contrition for what previous Presidential administrations have done? For instance, what if I think the War Powers Act of 1973 was a mistake? Can I email Barak or Hillary and ask them to seek to divest the office of that power or just promise not to use it? Or, what if I think that four million employees is just too many for this office to be employing and that George Washington would be scandalized by such a big executive branch? Could I put that in an email and get the response “You are right. If you elect me I’ll work to shrink the powers of this office.” This is America where we citizens can get anything we want right? Isn’t that what elections are all about? Yes, Barak, this is my moon shot, and I want you to change the Presidency forever by putting it back in the hands of the people. Just what will this new Presidency look like? Could you get specific?

I’ll tell you what we “get” with our vote. We get to play along in the grand Sport of an election cycle, where the media and candidates tinker here and there with our emotions in order to play the numbers. My opinion, my vote, my heart strings as an American will all get played. . . . unless of course I don’t want to play along. Then I’m just no fun.


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