writing with the Church in mind

Alright, I’m just going to throw this out here for my readership to answer:

What would happen if I were to write a book that told the story of my life in the Church? Instead of placing myself as the hero of my own story, what if I wrote as though God and the Church were both watching and active within, in ways that, as the journey progresses, I was unable to see. Has anyone read a narrative with a perspective like this? What are the hurdles in writing this way? Would anyone want to read and buy a book like this?

The theme of my story involves answering three questions:

Whether I, as a man, am really capable of love in obedience within the Church.

Whether God as I know Him in the Church is trustworthy.

Whether perfect love, in God, in the Church, really casts out all fear.

Any thoughts?

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2 responses to “writing with the Church in mind

  1. Augustine’s Confessions?

  2. Yes! Indeed. I was thinking of Confessions. However, it’s interesting that Augustine is much more polemical than relational in his style. The central characters in his writing are himself and God, as though you could fit the whole book into the verse from Psalm 51, “Against thee only have I sinned.” I just downloaded a translation I’m unfamiliar with and am rereading it again.

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