Sigh. My favorite print publication in the whole wide world is going out of print. No Depression magazine is doing its last issue. Was it my failure to renew my subscription? My failure to buy ads? I’m sorry. I wish I had the money to keep you going, I really do. I can’t say I didn’t feel it coming. I read about it first here, on print’s doomsday prophet. How depressing is that? In the meantime, I picked up Gram Parson’s final two albums and Emmylou Harris’ first one. So, somewhere back in the early 70’s, I can ignore the death of print and the digitization of music for another three decades!


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  1. I hadn’t heard that but what a loss. It falls into that category of media which I’m glad to know it exists, even if I don’t do anything to keep it in existence. There’s now a whopping gap in the market, thought Paste is pretty good.

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