So before their time it hurts.

The year was 1991. Johnny Cash hadn’t been “discovered” again by Rick Ruben yet. Punk hadn’t been “discovered” by the Christian world yet. The cowpunk and Alt. Country idea was sorta kinda taking off, but certainly not yet reflected in sales. Anyway, a group from Houston Texas known as One Bad Pig asked Johnny Cash to record his “Man in Black” with them. Check out the song on their MySpace page. If you haven’t heard it you may agree with me that their cover was something special. No Depression should put it on their next sampler if they’re still going to do those.



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2 responses to “So before their time it hurts.

  1. oh wow – that’s cool! I was a dj at a college christian music station in the late 80’s and remember One Bad Pig’s first cd – so cool!

    And I’d definitely agree about the “so far ahead of their time” thing – I’d put Daniel Amos in that same category.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. sistersteph

    I loved that song! Still cool.

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