journey to the land of Yellowstone

My family and I are gearing up for our grandest outing in recent memory: a journey to the land of Yellowstone. We’re planning four days to get out there. Day 1: Fairmont, MN., Day 2: Custer, SD., Day 3: Cody, WY., Day 4: Louis and Clark State Park in southern Montana.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the Badlands, the Black Hills, and Yellowstone. I’m not sure how it will effect me. I’m bringing along some really happy reading, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee by Dee Brown, and I hope to finish my reading of Bethge’s Dietrich Bonhoeffer biography. Yeah, I know what happens. He gets executed. Happy reading. To round it off I am also bringing Trauma and Recovery: The aftermath of violence from domestic abuse to political terror by Judith Herman, MD. (I hope to do a paper on Trauma and community in the fall.)

We love camping and usually do our best to drive and survive on the cheap. We live in tents and cheap cabins in state and national parks. We did this down the Blue Ridge Parkway from southern Virginia to Asheville, North Carolina nearly a decade ago now. Most memorable was losing a bunch of clothes off the top of our roof going down the highway. Martha has made some luggage with her sewing machine this time so as to pack lighter.

Some people travel all the time. Others, like me, travel on two legs the distance from my room across the street to this chair in my office. So when we do a vacation like this it is like a moon orbit or something. Pray for us that we don’t fall into any geysers, get mauled by any bears, lose any children, or run out of gas money. You get the picture. Really, I’m sure everything will be just fine. Yellowstone is west of Chicago right?


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  1. jen

    hey bro,
    got your message, i’ll try to call you tomorrow.
    you are gonna love the badlands, so barren and beautiful. i recommend taking along kathleen norris’s “dakota”. and montana has some of the best hiking trails in the west. you should add an extra day and go up to glacier nat. park. the most beautiful nat. park–will make ya speechless.

    talk soon,

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