2008 Cornerstone Festival Recap

This will be the year I remember for learning a valuable personal lesson. It would be a long story to describe the whole thing, but in a nutshell, I felt hurt by someone and I thought the best thing to do would be just to ignore them. That didn’t work out in this case. I caused a lot of hurt to this other person. It’s hard to describe the resentment and hurt in the air, and I just didn’t want it anymore. In a peaceful moment I decided just to go and knock on the door and acknowledge my wrongs in the situation. I’m not usually that bold of a person, but I knew that it was the right thing to do. The result was nothing short of miraculous. Not only did the person receive my amends, but we had a very good long talk about the situation and cleared the air. You should know that a short time before I believed with all my heart that just such a thing was not possible. I was wrong and God was right. This incident should be the one thing I never forget about this year. God can always prove me wrong and change my life for the better. Thank you Jesus.

This was my first year helping to offer hospitality to speakers. I found them all to be quite gracious human beings. It was a great pleasure. My first job was to set up and supervise the Cornerstone Press bookstore. There are at least a handful of people who come by to encourage us for doing the bookstore every year. They buy quite a few books and say thanks for the ministry. This really means a lot to me because I know first hand that having the booth is a lot of work for the little profit we get. I need the reminder that books are my ministry. Sometimes they feel like a ball and chain. I’m constantly surrounded by far more than I can read. Encouraging others to read seems like a solitary and foolhardy venture. The fest is more of a t-shirt and music venue, and this year of all years I know a lot of folks had to scrape gas money together. But once again, my pessimism is defeated because the bookstore did okay! The pvc frame held together by love and duct tape did not collapse on anyone. My little barnwood and cloth shelf survived. At least four people are now reading Dorothy Day’s Loaves and Fishes. That makes it worth it. Wouldn’t you say?

I happened into the Lost Dogs press conference and got a hold of the mic at the end to ask Terry Taylor about looking like Kinky Friedman. He said, “That’s not very edifying.” I’d say I pulled off a successful little one-blog loving rumor campaign. Maybe Kinky and Terry will sell more music now. Maybe not.

This year’s fest was sandwiched for me between the Energy Fair and the Ekklesia Project Gathering back in Chicago at Depaul. I’m pretty fried now.

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