I know why blogger posts go into intervals and then become only periodic

I’ve been blogging less lately. Looking around at other bloggers, I know how it happens. Oh we all have different reasons, mind you. But at some point those of us doing it because we have nothing to lose, start to give up the hit counting and become rather disillusioned by the novelty of it all. The other day I went on this little venture to find out just what blog readers are looking for. Talk about depressing. If aliens are trying to learn about us by reading our blogs, they are now convinced that our brains are incapable of even momentary lapses of intelligence. The top world blogs are just fishing for hits, using every means necessary to secure anyone at all if only for a moment and with the intent that we just maybe might tag on an ad link and thereby secure a sale.

I thought blogs were useful for other things, like book reviews, furthering interests in things that we should be reading. Now I’m thinking no, that was just the public library all along.

Seriously though, I’m finding it harder to picture why spending large amounts of time on the internet is so important after all. I know that such thoughts are scandalous, bordering on ludditism. I still have no reason to encourage my kids to get an email address. Play outside. Enjoy the sun. Get dirty. Use your bodily appendages in ways God intended. That’s what I tell them. “You don’t want to become old and used up like me. I’m on a computer all day long. You want to look like this?” That’ll scare sense into them.

So yes, the long lapses in my posts are because I’m getting to know people and writing and editing stuff that will appear on pages of ink and dead trees turned to pulpy white matter known as hard copy–paper. It sits around where you can see it without turning on things electrical.

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