Religion vs. Relationships

I am really tired of the whole “not religion, relationships” rhetoric that’s getting more and more popular. This is a really silly conversation. “I love Jesus” is just about the most religious thing you can say. No amount of bagging on traditional religion, going to church, or not identifying yourself as a Christian is going to make people think that anyone who says “I love Jesus” is not religious. In essence what the anti-religion track is saying is “We think of Jesus as someone you really want to know but someone you only think you know.” The assumption is that this program has never been tried. Herein lies the whole failure of such an enterprise. Religion is a human thing. Where ever humans are involved, like it or not, there religion is. Yes, we will all be judged. But it is terribly prideful to assume that by using new language you’ve suddenly made Christianity about Jesus again. The Church is ever reforming, ever needing renewal, because the saints are ever going astray. But this whole “oppose religion” rap is misguided marketing.



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2 responses to “Religion vs. Relationships

  1. Feel better now you’ve got that off your chest? :-)

    The whole not religious rhetoric is all I heard growing up within Pentecostalism which, of course, has a tendency toward ritualisation like any other movement.

  2. Well said and Amen!

    Blessings to you,

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