Family Reunion and Two Great Springfield Bands

I spent the last week back in Missouri and in Uncertain, Texas at Lake Caddo State Park, the only “natural” Lake in Texas. But then my brother in law Justin informed me that actually, the Big Cyprus Bayou was formed by loggers who inadvertently dammed the river. As local restaurant legend has it, the name of the town came because the post office didn’t know where to send packages so they sent them to this one place stamped UNCERTAIN and then that became the name of the town. Speaking of unintentional sights, dad and I got lost in Arkansas and wound up in Jimmie Driftwood‘s hometown of Mountain View. I got to see the Jimmie Driftwood barn as we drove through. If I hadn’t been lost in “Arkansas hell” as I called it, I would’ve never seen this wonderful place. So much of America is like this. Beautiful because it’s intentional. Not somewhere you’re suppose to see driving by, but somewhere you’re supposed to live. So, even though I was lost and frustrated, I learned that Arkansas and Texas are beautiful places to be for a considerable period of time. I wanted to see the folk singer Lead belly’s home town, near Lake Caddo State park, but then I just didn’t have time. I rode so many rails and covered so much land on this trip, but riding is just no fun. All the roads look the same. Better to enjoy where you are.

BTW, there are two great Springfield Missouri bands you should hear. Big Smith and Ha Ha Tonka. Ha Ha Tonka sounds like it’s named after the lake in the Ozarks. That’s what my sister Steph told me. But it also seems there’s a castle, and a state park by that name too! Anyway, my family is so much fun and I had such a great time!


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