Just keep talking Sarah

Now that Sarah Palin is opening her mouth without a script, I don’t think Dems have much to worry about. (Assuming Americans are paying attention.) Charles Gibson’s interview for ABC is telling, check out what she has to say about sanctions on Russia. Here are some excerpts. Check out her comments on Israel and Iran. Keep talking.  FP (Foreign Policy) magazine has twenty questions for her. My favorite is “Is Iraq a Democracy?” Very good questions I doubt McCain himself would dare touch.



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6 responses to “Just keep talking Sarah

  1. OK, you’ve got me very interested. You seem to relate to the story of the woman washing the feet of Christ with her tears and so do I. So, how do we wind up with the same Lord, but (possibly) different politics? Is there a place on your website that talks about how you derive your politics from your faith or knowledge of Christ?

    Also, are you connected with the Cornerstone Festival in Illinois? My son’s band played there this summer.

    Jeff Carter

  2. Jeff,

    Thanks for asking this question. My website is a reflection of me and I’ve been writing about Evangelicals in politics for quite some time. I never cease to be amazed at how with One Lord we Christians can be so passionate and so different from each other in so many ways. Here in my own church community we don’t have or seek consensus on national political parties. My own personal place is to work beginning locally, always prayerfully, without setting expectations high. It’s important not to let national politics shape the basis of my involvement. Most important is to remember that as a Christian I share a big planet with many others who suffer from very broken governments, and that allegiance to Christ is what is most important. Here are some other posts on this blog that are political and personal.


    In reply to your question about Cornerstone Festival, yes I work at Cornerstone Festival every year. My home church, Jesus People USA Covenant Church hosts the festival.


    Chris L. Rice

  3. Oh yeah, here’s another one I wrote last year around this time that looks at family disagreements:

  4. Thank you, Chris. Just wanted you to know I see your reply. I will read your links and then we can talk.

    Peace to all.

  5. kelleymata

    The steam created by McCains choice of her is beginning to dissipate, as is the case with politically motivated decisions that have no substance.

  6. jen

    did you see the SNL skit of Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton? it is the funniest 3 minutes i’ve seen in a long time:

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