Armed Guards to protect the tithe

While reading about this latest shooting at a Baptist church here in Illinois, I came across a mention of the Christian Security Network. From their website I learned that they are a professional consulting firm with sponsorship from The Counter Terrorist Magazine. When you go to the Christian Security Network’s website you find that they are using each recent violent incident to sell their services. I find this all quite troubling. Sure enough, we Christians share this violent world with everyone else, but since when have our places of worship (regardless of the size) needed privatized Christian armed guards? Normalizing this sort of thing is a slippery slope. Are we saying that this sort of security is now just part of ministry? Protecting the sheep with guns? I can’t help but see in the Christian Security Network the seeds of fear, especially in their link with this magazine. The Bible says that “perfect love casts out all fear.” If instead of spreading a gospel message of resurrection and freedom from fear we are spreading a gospel of institutional power backed by the gun, how can we say we really trust God or believe in the slain Lamb anymore? 

I am praying for the members of this church in Maryville. This was a terribly wicked act. But I also pray that we not succumb to fear and taking our security into our own hands with guns.



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2 responses to “Armed Guards to protect the tithe

  1. I am not sure where people wanting to protect themselves disqualifies them from believing in God or sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Church Security Network is helping people feel safe in church…how is this bad?

  2. I question whether most churches need guns to be safe.

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