Are resurrections and miracles interesting long term anymore?

I heard about this woman, Val Thomas, on a podcast today (“Stuff You Should Know“) who died and after 17 hours rigor mortis had set in. And then all of a sudden, after the family says their good-byes, she just wakes up and is fine. So I was hunting around the web today for more information on this “resurrection” and it’s the same sound bytes repeated over and over again from nearly a year ago now. And I’m astounded by the fact that last I heard this woman is still alive somewhere and it’s just not news anymore. Doesn’t that seem like the real story here? We have a bonified resurrection, a miracle, and her story has dropped from the public’s interest.

This morning we were reading the story of Jesus feeding five thousand people with five loaves and two fish. And we’ve all heard the story before and so we’re talking about it like we’ve heard it before, trying to let its significance sink in. It occurs to me that meals today don’t matter like they did then. People get fed in large numbers all the time. We don’t make bread from grain and catch fish we just buy it and more than likely we don’t even prepare it really, we just eat and don’t think about it. And when we do sit down to eat it’s only with just enough time to get the food in our gullets and we’re off again. What’s the big deal? Only someone who is truly rich could feel this way. These five thousand knew that this man’s words were inextricably wound with his miracle provision. He could provide more than food, he could sustain them.

I’m weary of this fast paced world that sucks all the life out of miracles.


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