The thing about missionary talks

Missionary stories are always interesting. But when you the listener already have a call and are spending yourself in a certain direction, you come to understand that much of what a missionary sermon involves is an appeal to essentially follow a different call. But isn’t that counterintuitive? If we all dropped what we were doing every time we heard a missions plea, we’d be a lot less certain of our first call, and so we get awfully weary of pleas. Why can’t missionary sermons/shares just be simple explanations of how our way of life glorifies God in simple ways? I think of Dorothy Day’s writings. Yes, she at times appealed for money. But mostly she just wrote and spoke about her everyday life. When I hear a “look at me, I’m cool, I travel to cool places and do cool things and God really loves me” attitude, long on generalizations, short on details, and then a little sound bite of humility I can’t help but stop listening.


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