humanizing pacifists

I’ve learned a lot about pacifists over the years that I’ve been following their blogs. I think at one time I had the idea that pacifists were somehow held to a superhuman ideal. I thought that from the time they were children they were trained to speak in small, doting, respectful voices. I thought that they had to always be respectful, especially of people different from themselves. I believed that “Love your enemies” was something they thought of as square one, the least a Christian could do, and so for them, certainly they must never struggle personally with hatred or division. I thought that they must be the best people in the world when it came to mutual submission. That they went around saying “I’m sorry” to blades of grass and tree branches for moving them. Boy was I wrong. Halden helps me see on a regular basis that pacifists can swear like sailors, verbally bludgeon their theoretical opposition into submission (Michael Novak and Mark Driscoll are such wusses!) and other their “enemies” along with the best of Just War theorists.

And then of course there’s Dan. Dan is not at all afraid of martyrdom, in fact he makes a martyr of himself for us on a regular basis, especially where it concerns sexuality. Though he’s a straight guy, he talks about gays in terms of victim stories, and of course he prefers to be victimized by his opposition right along with them. The conversation with conservatives is over for Dan, simply because he works with victims.

Okay, I’ll stop now. I do enjoy both of these bloggers and from the hits they’re both getting I can tell most theobloggers do too. Angry rhetoric, letting it all hang out, demonizing the other, they’re not just for Rush Limbaugh. They’re for peaceful Christians too. I do wish WordPress had an accountability widget. A way us peace bloggers could, without the help of messy humans, be reminded to Be the Church. Maybe someday.


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  1. poserorprophet

    Oh snap.

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