The Zombie Apocalypse is hereby OVER

That’s it! I’ve had enough. My “Zombies in the Bible” post is far and away the most popular blog post I’ve ever done. It has drawn over 4000 hits and yet I’m so tired of the stupid comments taking it dead serious and wanting to tell me about what will really happen in the Apocalypse that by this time tomorrow this post will be gone forever! Yes, I hold the power to delete these stupid zombies from my blog forever. Get it all out of your system people! Comment away for tomorrow ye shall DIE!

Last night I was in this song circle with other musicians. Basically, as we did it, one person shares a song and the others all play along. There were three guitars, a mandolin, a banjo, a cello, and two hand drums. Sometimes we’d sing along and sometimes we’d just play and listen and sometimes we’d just listen. Thinking back on it, it makes me think about the limited nature of blogging regarding discussion. In blogging, the reader picks and chooses what she’ll read, how she’ll read, and whether or not to bother to respond with a comment. In writing the comment, as with the song sharing last night the person will more often than not be full of adulation and praise. I’ve never done a song and heard, “You suck” as the response. They may be thinking that, but why bother to say it aloud? Now in blogging something serious like theology when you look around the blogs you’ll notice limited discussion and unlimited adulation. This could be because the person writing the post is friends with the commentor (which looks likely) and it could be that the commenter doesn’t know what else to say. Comment threads function more like a trail log than a means for extended discussion.

What I also observe in blogging is homogeneity. People of the same mind and interests flock together. We read the same things, start saying things the same way, praise those we feel are on the right track and shun, ostracize, even demonize people who think the opposite.

I keep blogging with an eye for meaningful conversations. What is meaningful to me and what is meaningful to others may be very different. But I’ll keep the lines open. Except for zombies.


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2 responses to “The Zombie Apocalypse is hereby OVER

  1. Probably a good idea, some people were taking it insanely serious.

  2. You had a zombie post??? Can I request a copy via email?

    – Peace

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