listening to “Brothers Karamazov”

I’m trying to listen my way through Fyodor Dostoyevski’s huge master workThe Brothers Karamazof.” It is daunting to say the least, but I am really taken with the characters. Fyodor, the father, is like so many people I’ve met in my life. The theological issues Dostoyevski tackles, like the possiblity of being a church member and truly wicked and depraved at the same time, are just amazing. The fact that Alyosha, Dimitri, and Ivan are brothers and sons of Fyodor when they are all so different and yet so emotionally and spiritually intertwined is just masterful. I observe that life is full of so many emotional negotiations. I spend so much time trying to sidestep the hard conversations. Especially with people I deem incapable of having needed meaningful conversations. Dostoyevski’s book presents a vision of life wherein faith is truly incarnate right in the midst of those situations and people I usually try to avoid.


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