DW horstkoetter has a post on “Why I am NOT an Evangelical” that has some good points on conversion. To me that’s a very old debate. For me it’s not a question of names or allegiances but rather who will I not call my brother or sister in Christ? I have some friends who are die hard King James Version only believers. They’re odd by Evangelical standards, but I love them. I have other friends who would say I’m in sin for listening to Billy Joe Shaver. I’m a big fan of Billy Joe Shaver who sings:

If You Don’t Love Jesus Go to Hell/If You Don’t Love Jesus Go to Hell/take your rotten rags of righteousness and stuff them up yourself/if you don’t love Jesus go to hell/ain’t no way to cover up your sin/you wolves in sheeps clothing won’t get in/if you’re free as a breeze or locked up in a cell/if you don’t love jesus go to hell/if you think that you can kick my ass/better move your foot mighty fast/i got holy ghost power and i’ll really ring your bell/if you don’t love Jesus go to hell

Now Billy is Kinky Friedman’s spiritual advisor. I don’t know how that works out, but hey, who wants to question their salvation?


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