And more Johnny Cash

Once I made it through the entire Johnny Cash American records catalog, and I do mean everything released (1-5 and Unearthed) I made my way back through his other albums in a half hearted fashion. But then I recently finished reading Michael Streissguth’s Johnny Cash: The Biography and grew more intrigued with Johnny’s 1960s concept albums, the ones where he’s in the throes of his amphetamine addiction. These albums did not sell well for him. He did five of these concept albums in five years. Some thought that they were throw-aways and that he needed to concentrate on what sold. They thought this about his gospel albums too. Most recently I started in on “Sings Ballads of the True West.” Part of me wants to move on from the Man in Black because I’ve heard so much of him now. And I do take breaks. But somehow his has become the voice I still come back to.

In other news, someone commented on my post about Glen Sherley saying he was her grandma’s husband. Way cool. Also, it looks like there’s a now and they’ve released his album on CD. Excellent.


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