three weeks without church

My family and I have been traveling the last two weekends and will again be gone this weekend, meaning we’re missing church! And we hate it, especially over Advent. We’re doing the Advent calendars with our kids and we’re keeping up with the Scripture readings but, truthfully, missing the fellowship, worship, prayer and teaching sets us out of life’s rhythm. I’d like to visit a church this weekend, maybe my sister’s church if she’ll let us.

In other news, more Cornerstone Festival seminar podcasts are posted. I’m checkin out S00ng Chan Rah’s seminar on a Theology of Suffering and Keith Wasserman’s talk on homelessness. If you’re like me and want to download the actual .mp3 files rather than listening from a web browser, go to this link.

Also, on the musical angle I’m finally gettin into the music of the Sir Douglas Quintet. I first heard of Doug Sahm through Uncle Tupelo. This band was around for forever but I never heard of them. Don’t know why.

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