God is Red: the Native experience

I’m reading two books that Richard Twiss recommended, God is Red: A Native View of Religion by Vine Deloria, Jr.  and Neither Wolf nor Dog by Kent Nerburn. Both serve as introductions to Indian ways of being and thinking. The first is academic writing, the second is more narrative. Many of Deloria’s themes are explained beautifully in Nerburn’s writing. The books explain that whites love the idea of being Indian, but only to a point. They want to experience enough to be able to pull out at any time and of course always maintain their leverage. Kent Nerburn is a white guy and is always conscious of this. Deloria’s book is an Indian theology on par with any European models I’ve read. I’m on his section on history, space and time right now. Quite good.



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3 responses to “God is Red: the Native experience

  1. Thanks for the kind support, Chris. I’d like to alert you to a book I recently completed, The Wolf at Twilight. It’s a follow-up to Neither Wolf nor Dog. You can get a feel for it either on Amazon or at my website where several chapters are posted. I bring it to your attention because I think someone with your background and interests might find it interesting. You may or may not be aware that I have a Ph.D. in theology and art from Graduate Theological Union, so our confluence of interests and approach are not so unlikely. Ironically, Vine Deloria was at Graduate Theological Union when I was there, but my interests were elsewhere at the time, so our paths never crossed. Talk about opportunity missed!

    Have a good holiday.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Kent. I’ve also subscribed to your blog. Really great stuff.

  3. Dwight McMurrin

    It appears you both need a dose of Ashley Montague’s The Concept of Race: Man’s Most Dangerous Myth.

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