a reminder about funny quick pics

I admit, as a guilty pleasure I have several blogs in my RSS feed that focus on human blunders like crashes, odd signs, and people badly dressed. I call this pleasure guilty because they focus on the seemingly stupid without filling in any details. Here’s an example from thatwillbuffout.com

Upon first seeing this image I think “Holy Cow! That’s a CTA bus!” (Chicago Transit Authority). The image is submitted anonymously and no further questions are asked about the photo right? Well, I’ve got another link.

This crash took place a few months ago and a lot of people lost their homes because of it. The whole building had to be demolished. This news story reveals the human faces in something like this. The occupants of this building are left out in the cold without even coats.

Try to remember that in this fast paced entertainment voyeur culture that people are much more important than silly images, sound bytes, and quick texting abbreviations. It’s fun to laugh at odd things, but sometimes we should stop and think about what’s really happening in the photo, especially when someone’s life is threatened or home destroyed.

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