Charles E. Jefferson

Digging into Charles Edward Jefferson, pastor of the Broadway Tabernacle in Brooklyn, New York and prolific author. I’m listening to an audio book of his now from librivox and I’m amazed at how well written it is. It’s titled “Quiet Hints to Growing Preachers.” You’ll note from the above links that Jefferson was a peace activist in addition to pastoring and authoring. What I get from his book is that he is a well rounded minister who knows how to instruct young ministers to be on what to expect. While this book is targeted at pulpit preachers, it’s an excellent primer for all ministers on what to expect and how to stay the course. This was written during preaching’s heyday when sermons were accepted as important literature in the press and among bookstore owners. While that has changed for the most part, if you feel a call to the ministry this book is a lot like Helmut Thielicke’s “A Little Exercise for Young Theologians.” It disabuses the cowardly of any grandiose notions at the start.


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