Jesus Freaks everywhere

Jesus Freakin’ is all the rage these days. At least it seems that way in my small corner of the world. Over on Facebook where I tend to haunt daily, Jon Trott has started up a Jesus People USA page that’s lately centered on the early days of the Jesus Movement. There are so many folks with memories of it who’ve “friended” the page that with every post comments are everywhere. Rez Band had a little open rehearsal here at the Chelsea House and some folks drove in miles to be there for it. Then over at Religion Dispatches Mark Dyer, the guy that coined the term “culture-jamming,” is posting a series on his own experience with the Jesus Movement in his home church. His latest installment is called, “Jesus Loses His Freak: How I Lost One Leper Messiah and Gained Another”.


I finally finished reading the whole Mark Dyer series and I was really unimpressed. Only the first installment is about the Jesus Movement. Ever thereafter he focuses on his David Bowie obsession. Unless your a serious Bowie fanatic don’t bother.


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