You only think you’re a patient person

Take it from me. You only think you’re a very spiritual person. You think you’re patient. You think you’re nice. Other people told you, in your high school year book, “Don’t ever change.”
Let me lay out the truth of the matter. Life is a grand adventure where you find out what you’re really made of. You’re made of awful things. You’re capable of awful things: screaming at little children, screaming at pets, telling people to go away. Stuff like that. And that’s not even the really bad stuff.

I’m learning the hard way about truthfulness and spirituality. I’m following this call God put on my life to preach good news to the poor, freedom to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind. And I’m learning a heck of a lot about myself. I’m poor in faith. I’m bound up in resentment. I’m pretty blind about a lot of areas of my own life.

So the very beginning of walking by faith is maybe finding out what you’re not, right at the place where you think you’re doing fine. The old adage is “Don’t pray for patience or God will dump a boat load of trouble on you.” That’s only partially true. The real truth is that trusting God and walking by faith in any sense involves self-emptying in Christ and being filled with the God you only thought you knew.


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