Has this happened to you?

This didn’t happen to me personally, but let me know if it’s happened to you:

“So this guy I work with prayed with me to receive Jesus. Then he asked me what church I went to and I brought him to church. Our friendship grew and he was growing in the Lord and then we started talking about doctrine. He wanted to know the difference between all the churches. That went okay. Then it came time to vote and he asked my opinion on some local issues. I told him I’d rather keep that private. But he pushed me until I opened up and got to talking about taxes, income, and the local government. I found that he was passionate about politics to the exclusion of everything else. When I asked if he was going to church with me again he said he didn’t think I was really a Christian. He’d found a political action group that better met his faith needs. Bummer.”



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One response to “Has this happened to you?

  1. Gordon Stephan

    I’ve found this be disturbingly common. I’ll leave it to far better minds than mine to give a good answer, but, it seems to me that a political focus on tangible and worldly issues easily fuels the fires of fear and simplistic thinking. Faith requires harder work and the “bad guy” is usually me. I know folks who are rabidly “conservative” or “liberal”, but, who cleave to hot button “good guy-bad guy” issues and harbor no desire for “compromise”. Yesterday’s election results hardly seem aspirational and the emotional torrent of divisiveness and even blatant hatred I can see and feel will not be easily relinquished or remediated.
    Heard a good thought from Alistair Begg yesterday, “the presence of anxiety is directly related to the absence of humility”. We can be so self-important, given to our weaker impulses, but, I still choose to keep my optimism for tomorrow in the hands of a loving God
    whether others believe in Him or not.
    Thanks for the appeal, it helps keep my focus outward and upward.
    Gordon Stephan

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