Facebook brings to light our isolation much more than any desire for community. One cannot be vulnerable and in control at the same time. One can’t really be a friend and hidden at the same time. We all want to be seen and known and yet hidden and anonymous concurrently. That’s a state called Toddlerhood and we’re all supposed to outgrow it by like at least age five.



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3 responses to “Facebook

  1. I know someone who used to be very nice to me and friendly, and I thought he was kind of my friend until I sent him an invitation. He never accepted it and pretends that he doesn’t see me at street. My ‘Hello’ are not answered aymore and it’s pretty embarrasing for me because I don’t know what’s going :/. Shall I blame facebook for it?

  2. Gordon Stephan

    My sense is that much of so-called modern life, social media and such really amount to experiences of shared isolation. True communion and broken-news might be hard to find in such a reality.
    Godspeed and thanks for the thoughts, they are immensely encouraging despite my feelings about the bend of this social scene.
    Gordon Stephan

  3. Michael Harris

    Good thoughts Chris. I think you’re right on with that one.

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