A reply to Kevin Deyoung

Here are some of my thoughts on Kevin Deyoung’s blog opposing gay marriage:
Since when should Christians be using the popular vote or a President’s sentiment to determine what is right or wrong? One of the strategic pillars of the Moral Majority was to collectively rouse the public sentiment to affirm “what we all know by human nature.” This doesn’t educate, it doesn’t make us vote well, and it doesn’t make us better disciples.
The question of marriage equality is a question of whether there is anything Christian left of this nation. To oppose gay marriage is to stand for traditional marriage. The only marriages I really affirm are spiritual unions. But I cant go around telling people who married for the wrong reasons that they have no rights.
Maybe the state would be better off getting out of the marriage business altogether. And while we’re at it, it should get out of the death business too.
I support the right to make vows “til death do us part.” Before God and in church saying, “Help me stay faithful.” Before that I support the right to seek out godly counsel as to how to stay faithful. Before that I support the right to form a relationship because of Jesus. I dont officiate many weddings. Most people dont ask where Jesus comes into it, or for help in finding a godly partner. In short, it takes a community to make community. Most people seem to just want rights. If we dont know who we are to each other, we dont know why people need rights.
But outside church people marry too. Many manage to get by and they need rights like everyone else in society. Marriage in this country means many things now. We cant make it mean what we want through the judicial system. We can make it meaningful by living what we preach.


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