I desire His Kingdom here

So much of the sin in this world so palpable on the radio comes to our attention long after it began. We feel powerless from its effects. Hate crimes, corruption, murder, and kidnapping—all come to our attention and then are forgotten within moments. God knew long before and with complete knowledge. As sick with sin as we humans are, God is neither silent nor helpless. My cry is simply, “Do you see, God?” and “lead us not into temptation”. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. Today Father we long for your Kingdom.
There are those who say to do nothing to shelter and stabilize so that government will do its part. Let the people freeze outside, or go elsewhere. I would agree if people were simply thinking bones and organs. If there were no reason for society and culture. If within every person there were not worlds of joy and pain. If God were not present in every moment—but He is! All is not lost. We are not alone. And with every “welcome” we herald the victory of Christ over sin and death.



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2 responses to “I desire His Kingdom here

  1. Irulan

    Chris, I came across your blog some years ago pursuing Bonhoeffer. You were reading Bethge’s biography, I think? My own interests are mission and intentional community. One question that bugs me is our role as Christians: do we commit energy to reforming society or – following Resident Aliens – try to develop faith within our own believing community?

  2. I believe you refer to Stanley Hauerwas and Will Willimon’s book, “Resident Aliens”, and the following book after that was good too. I’ve gained so much from fellowship and readings in the Ekklesia Project. I don’t look to reform society, but as Peter Maurin taught, “create a new society in the shell of the old.” Teaching the Church its own best practices and being ever reformed is all the work I consider worthwhile. The temptation is to think with any evident changes that we’ve won some influence. Obedience to Christ subverts all powers to their right size as defeated. Who wants that kind of reform?

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