Yesterday I traveled to Saint Charles, MO for a forum on homelessness at First Methodist Church. We were warmly welcomed, fed a meal, and then treated very kindly. I spoke briefly about the Metro Coalition for the Homeless.
Tonight there is a meeting of the Saint Louis County Council. One of the agenda items regards appropriating money from the Missouri Housing Development Commission for homeless use. I am shuttling homeless people out there and we will be reminding attendees that the current monies spent and system in place are by far inadequate. When someone loses their home in Saint Louis County where do they belong?
On Saturday I’m moderating a Town Hall Meeting for the Homeless at 1411 Locust St. in Saint Louis. This event will give everyone without a fixed residence the opportunity to share their stories. The topics will relate to civil rights, access to housing, violence against the homeless, and life outside in the bitter cold. The Agenda for the meeting involves listening, registering to vote, and signing up members for the Metro Coalition for the Homeless. MCH is a local and regional member of the National Coalition for the Homeless. While this meeting is held at NLEC, it is not a function of NLEC. NLEC is just offering the space.

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