True Order

“As it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever” This prayer uttered again and again in the Daily Lectionary of the Book of Common Prayer reminds me today that the Presence of God is unchanging. God is my grounding. I think of the phrase I utter aloud and to myself, “That’s just the way it has always been” in reference to human nature, to capitalism, to murder, to theft, and to poverty. As though disorder were the only real order there is. I know that I can’t say this to God. Sin is not an order. Sin is rebellion against the real order of things. In praying the prayer I am saying, “God you are all that is really true. I trust not in myself or my church or my city but in You for what is eternal.”
Yesterday I said, “What I want for my birthday is a new mayor in this city, but I don’t think it will happen.” My misguided thoughts place elections within my personal tastes and my tastes in politicians in my list of birthday wishes. In worshiping the Living God I acclaim His eternal order of all things and know that he is accomplishing his will here and now. My desire is poverty of spirit, to mourn, meekness, to hunger and thirst for righteousness, mercy, purity of heart, to make peace, and to be persecuted for righteousness. (Matthew 5)
O Lord let me so hunger and thirst for your righteousness, that in obtaining it I might rejoice in the persecution that results.


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