A homeless grandmother’s response to Lt. Dan


A Police Officer said he could tell a homeless person or family by just looking at them. When I Tell people I am homeless they say that I can’t be homeless because I own a 2000 Lincoln Town Car. My daughter, Grandchildren, and I do not look homeless. We were not homeless until Sept 4, 2013.
Not all homeless people look the same. I have met a lot of people that are homeless because of different circumstances. Some are homeless like me because they lost their home from foreclosures. Some are homeless because the apartment they were living in was foreclosed on, and some are homeless because they lost their jobs because of company’s downsizing or closing.
We are all told to call the housing hot line to get help. I call them every day and they say they have no room or beds available. So I called New Life Evangelistic Center and was told that I could bring my family and stay there. I am still calling the hot line every day and they still have no place for me and my family.
So to look homeless am I to take my children and sleep on the streets and have no showers? Am I to let the children not go to school? I as a mother and Grandmother do not think so. I need to have a roof and food for my Daughter and Grandchildren. The homeless shelters that the homeless hot line uses do not have room for us. People want to close the only place that offers my family a roof, shower and food, each and every day and is helping us get back to a home. We need shelters out in St. Louis County. Since I’m not from the city I had to come to the city for shelter. There are no shelters in the county for us. So we came into the city of St. Louis to have a shelter until we can get back on our feet. NEW LIFE EVANGELISTIC CENTER is the only shelter that has room for us.
Thank you Rev. Larry Rice, Rev. Ray, and Rev. Chris Rice for being there for my family.


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