Not angry at God today

I’m not angry at God because of the suffering in the world. I’m not mad at Him because I don’t have more money. I’m not made because of the poverty I see, the sick people, the hungry people, the mentally ill, the violent and rebellious ones. Today I’m not lashing out at God about it. I know that He knows that everything is not yet as it should be. I believe in God’s Justice and in His patience. I believe that just because everything is not resolved now, that doesn’t mean it won’t be resolved later. This morning, in reflecting on Isaiah 26:12-21, I marveled that the prophet speaks of things seen and things to come he can’t personally know of. He speaks of them as though they are all the same world: the past, the future, the present.

If I did not believe that the God who truly understands time and eternity truly cared for all of His creation then I would be angry. Why must any suffer, even for a moment? Why can’t everything be ordered rightly at all times? And yet, how would we understand life as it is without the wrongs we endure? Where does our sense of order and right come from? Life is for the living, breathing, struggling, coping, angry, sad faces who live it. Love in theory is a wonderful thing. In reality it is a dreadful thing, that reckons with far more longing and emptiness and pain than fulfillment.

I’m not angry at God because for today I’m content with the mystery of His ways. I could not imagine a better world than He if I tried. I certainly could not create it. The world I make for myself is flawed and frail at best. My attempts at communicating only result in half-speak. I can never clarify enough. I can’t make you understand. But I will try.

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  1. How can you know right if you never see wrong?

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