The state of MO homeless services

Observations on Missouri homeless “services”. Nothing to be proud of:1. community support means every dollar raised is matched by gov’t money

2. MO recognizes no need for homeless persons to unite and advocate for themselves because community agencies meet all their needs

3. homeless definition is what the government says it is

4. Deserving needy are those the gov’t cover with programs

5. MO is releasing more prisoners than ever before to the street to vie for services with others.

6. MO makes deep cuts in social services: TANF, SNAP, food stamps

7. MO refuses to expand Medicaid

8. The insurance gap for the working poor is so huge you can drive a truck through it.

9. MO criminalizes the unsheltered by eradicating tent or shack living wherever found

10. Next to nothing exists for travel aid for stranded persons. Greyhound has reduces its discount from 25% to 10% for stranded persons.

11. But if you listen to federally funded agencies homelessness will be ended by 2017. 

12. MO continues to use Point In Time counts as representative of actual number of homeless persons, even though the federal gov’t admits “on one night in January” is not an indicator of the state of homelessness.

13. The cost of living in MO and low wages make housing beyond the reach of thousands of Missourians whether they are counted as homeless or not.

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