Paul Crane film “Living in Tents”

This film, which was a labor of love for years, is now available to watch for free for Amazon Prime users. My father, Larry Rice, is in the film. I was interviewed for it, but I don’t think my footage made it in. At one point in the film Bill Siedhof says that Rev. Larry Rice is simply using the issue in order to raise money. He argues that as long as he is in the news he can fund his mission. I’d like to reply to that charge here now. As I’ve seen my father take a stand in public over many issues, from prison reform, the death penalty, ending police brutality of African Americans, to standing up for the rights of the homeless to sleep in tents in public, (Even advocating that 1 acre of ground be made available for a place to camp and be managed as a not-for-profit. This model has worked well in other communities.) what I observe is that being in the news, whether with negative or positive attention does two things. It makes some people angry and it makes other people cheer. I would dare say that it effects the public’s desire to contribute both positively and negatively as well. The proof as to whether New Life Evangelistic Center is accomplishing its mission is in the lives that are being changed for the good. There are many homeless who do not like staying in shelters, do not like having their stories made public, and even don’t want anyone knowing they’re homeless. And all of that is okay. The ministry of NLEC sets forth to love these people and bless them without any thanks. We do not serve because of donations, we serve because of Christ’s command to see him in the least of these. We give whether or not it makes fiscal sense. God sees fit to take care of us and we are grateful.

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