Johnny Cash Lyrics

I often think about Johnny Cash’s words to the men of San Quentin prison in 1969 when I think about all the different people and opinions I encounter. He had it right. We can only always identify partially with anyone. We can never fully stand in anyone’s shoes or claim to vicariously speak for anyone else.

“I was thinkin about you guys here yesterday. I’ve been here three times before and. . . I think I understand a little bit about how you feel about some things. It’s none of my business about how you feel about some other things. And I don’t give a damn about how you feel about some other things.”
(on the album “At San Quentin, The Complete 1969 Concert”)

I’m adding lyrics to songs from the Johnny Cash album “Personal File” here.

Half A Mile A Day

Lord, Lord, Lord

My Children Walk In Truth

The House is Falling Down

There’s A Mother (Always Waiting At Home)

What is Man?

What On Earth (Will You Do For Heaven’s Sake)?

2 responses to “Johnny Cash Lyrics

  1. Nice to see that the Man in Black is everywhere.

  2. Bernard

    Thank you for the lyrics. Have lately been eating up Personal File and trying to beat ’em out on my guitar even though I’m a tenor. What a legend. We need good folk music to reflect and carry on what is good in American culture.

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