“The House is Falling Down” lyrics

The House is Falling Down

Johnny Cash (“Personal File” album)



Man had need of shelter from the evil from the night


The devil wind was blowin and from heaven came a light


The Son of god a carpenter and he came with a plan


To build a house where heaven could be offered unto man



When he came here he laid down a mighty firm foundation


And the columns and the beams were churches scattered through the nations


And then rooms were added to it on that same old solid rock


And roofs were raised by willing hands from the bottom to the top


Then people came and filled the house with singin prayer and praise


Some turned and rejected his house fell on meaner days


O Son of God! O Carpenter! Will you come back around?


The blocks and beams are crumbling and the house is falling down




Now the storm is ragin’ and the devils angry roar


Is screaming at the windows and howling at the door


And though the faithful few inside are standing true and strong


The house has been neglected and it won’t be standing long



REPEAT “Son of God! O Carpenter! line”


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