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Missing Harry

I have to say a word about Harry Guetzlaff, Managing Editor of the Wittenburg Door, who died of cancer on Sunday. I miss him. He was a faithful servant of Jesus who really encouraged me when I met him three years ago in Dallas, and then in a handful of emails we’d exchanged since that time. A few words that will always linger with me that he penned in a 2006 email:

1. “oppression makes the wise man see himself clearly” that he may repent
2. You and we can have no enemies in Christ.
3. Enjoy today!

John Bloom knew Harry so much better than I did. He has a beautiful article with personal pictures here on the Door’s website. Harry was the youngest man I’d every met. I’m pretty sure we met on his sixty-fifth birthday. I’m sure Ole and the gang at Trinity Foundation could use our prayers this week.

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latest Door

John Bloom has been posting like mad over at the remade website for the Wittenburg Door. I particularly like his article Muslim Girls Gone Wild, in defense of head scarves. But you must read his story of meeting Ole Anthony as well. I don’t know what to think of Joe Bob Briggs/John Bloom, but it doesn’t matter. What Jesus thinks of him is what matters. I think, no I KNOW, he loves him.

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